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    [CD] Immortal 4

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    [CD] Immortal 4

    Message  jegougou le Mar 14 Sep - 9:13

    Pour ceux que cela interesse

    20 years later:
    Videogame music of the Commodore Amiga newly arranged
    Double-CD: 150 minutes of music from more than 30 Amiga games in newly arranged studio productions, most of them created by the original authors themselves, we couldn't even stop them to play live-instruments, e.g. Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry) at the saxophone, Jon Hare (Cannon Fodder) at the microphone, Dave Govett (Wing Commander) at the drums

    re-arranged classics such as Lemmings (Tim Wright), Turrican 2 (Chris Hülsbeck), Flashback (Jean Baudlot), Gauntlet 3 (Tim Follin), F17 Challenge (Nicola Tomljanovich) and many more

    exklusive new versions by legendary demoscene musicians, such as Romeo Knight (also playing the guitar) and Jogeir Liljedahl
    brilliant audio quality thanks to elaborate CD-mastering by Pauler Acoustics

    je vais certainement l'acheter avec Symphonic-Shades et digital retro mais j'attends d'avoir un peu de sousoux


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